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Wedding Songs

Wedding Songs

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Sun World Music is delighted to present this special Wedding Musical for your enjoyment. The songs, along with their accompanying words and music, aim to inspire and bring joy.

Included in the package are Music Sheets, allowing you to engage the Wedding Band for a rendition. Alternatively, talented family members or friends who are singers or musicians can perform the songs.

The poetry can be chosen for Invitations or shared with the Wedding Party and invited Guests. As you plan the wedding, during the events, before, during, and after the Nuptials, Vows, and Ceremonies, you can create and cherish wonderful memories.

Feel free to sing and record your own Poetic and Musical talents. Share the music and poetry on Social Media, your family website, or include them in the invitations. Dancing and singing together will result in memorable moments captured in the Wedding Videos and Portraits for every viewing.

Some of the songs have varied renditions, each telling a unique story based on the wedding location or setting, be it a special venue or a church.

Additionally, there's a rendition perfect for celebrating a Wedding Anniversary or Special Anniversary, making it a memorable day when renewing vows.

The Sun World Band Singers hope that the Wedding Songs they share bring you joy and inspiration, celebrating your most special day! There's more to enhance your wedding and enjoyment!

Musical Tracks for all the songs are included, allowing you to:

  • Listen to the Singer.
  • Play the music from the Music Book.
  • Have a Wedding Band or Singer perform the songs.
  • Share the Poetry in Invitations or messages.

And as an extra for each song, there's a music track with the Melody for a sing-along and learning experience, as well as a track with only the music for your own vocal renditions.

Visit and celebrate with us!

Fair non-commercial use is part of your purchase.

Digital Download

Wedding Book (1PDF, 16 pages) - Wedding Songs (15 MP3)

Today We Marry:
When We Say I Do:
At Our Wedding With You:
At The Altar With You:
Since We Said I Do:
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